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Disruptive range of packaged solutions for your business. Products with enterprise end point wrappers that help acheive deep integration with your existing eco-system in record time; accelerators that power your quest for transformation.

Stratforge Cloud 


Customise and extend your customer engagement investments.

Make the Stratforge platform your own with the Stratforge toolkit that let you tailor your CX drivers with point-and-click ease and empower everyone — developers, admins, and business users.

Create and standout with amazing customer experiences.

Engage customers driving spectacular experiences, personalised interactions at touchpoints,  embedded into your eco-system. Add CX accelerators over your existing investments. 

Transform the existing landscape; bring 'Tomorrow, Today'. 

Rapidly build AI-powered process automations and augmented AI workflows. Transform all channels of customer engagement with a few clicks by deploying a AI task force that augments human workforce. 

Stratforge Pulse

Customer Sentiment Analysis, Speech Analytics, Customer & agent behavior, Next Action [process automations]

Stratforge RedFlare 

AI powered Process & Quality Audit for Customer Engagement channels, compliance & risks management

Stratforge FastPath

Guided Support, Knowledge assist AI & Fast path resolution map driving Customer experience

Stratforge Discover (Pilot)

Fast start Analytics Templates, Orchestrate data flows, AI 'skin' dashboards, build predictive models

Stratforge EWACS (Pilot)

Early warning & Control system: Voice of Customer, Context aware alerts, next actions over all channels of engagement

Stratforge ITAC (Pilot)

Autonomous Tech Support on non-voice engagement channels, deploy 'AI' workforce and scale up human workforce

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^stratforge: Augmented AI

Our AI solutions augment human effort at the production node.
We deploy AI worker extensions that accelerates human tasks and workflows. 
We wrap the enterprise eco-system with our AI - ML framework.
Switch On AI powered service automation across all customer's service touchpoints.
Service wrappers for support services [TAC] provide cutting edge support experience. 

Augmenting the human workforce. Building Parallel Intelligence.

What's coming up?

On Stratforge Cloud

Stratforge INAWE

Enterprise grade AI, ML & Automation Platform. Advanced packaged solutions.

Visual AI Workflow Manager
AI Workbench & Editor
Cutting Edge DL & Auto ML
Packaged Business Solutions

Stratforge Hoitlogio

Networked Fintech Platform offering frictionless customer experience.

Bad Debts, Collections Enablers
Enterprise Network Payments 
ACH Processing, Realtime Payments
Settlement Processing, FRM

Successfully piloting engagements with some of the biggest names. Engagements have generated incredible relationships with our clients, now our evangelists; therefore referenceable. We can showcase our capabilities & help plan your move to Stratforge platform. 


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