Stratforge Platform Solutions

Custom application platform solutions with a no-code and low-code options, connect with Stratforge API's, provide massive scalability, helping organizations truly transform. Digital transformation made easy. 

Solution Verticals

Customer Experience Management

Deploy AI across all customer touchpoints: provide tremendous acceleration of CX using new age tech stack.

Financial Services Transformation

Financial services industry firms
now can focus on becoming holistically digital, customer-facing enterprises. 

Digital Payments

Drive efficiency, greater controls, increased security, regulatory compliance around Payments Processing and Execution.

Customer Experience Management - [CX]

Stratforge helps customer support leaders harness and channelize the immense power of AI-ML over the existing investments. At the core is Stratforge AI-ML platform; using this  platform that delivers superior ROI while deploying augmented AI for agents provides a fantastic customer experience. Deploy Stratforge Cloud over the engagements, automate repetitive work, enable AI autonomy, augment agents, deploy predictive and prescriptive models and do everything more with less. Its time you made the tomorrow, reach today. 

Customer Sentiment & Survey Feedback Engine

Track customer sentiment on product, services, experience, emotions; correlate with internal data. 

Machine Learning for Services & Support

Deploy Stratforge algorithms, deploy DL, use models to build a "Singular" brain of ORG / BU knowledge repository.

Speech to Text, Context inferences, transcription

Highly accurate speech to text, multilingual; speaker identification, context based inferences fuelled by ML.

Realtime transaction insights from customer engagements

Omni channel engagements, all the touchpoints in the customer journey tracked in real-time & configurable next actions.  

Connectors to achieve data flow & federation

Stratforge range of connectors into CRM's, Business Apps, communication platforms, and a strong framework. 

Context based actions, autonomous actions 

Connect existing enterprise business applications, offloads repeated human tasks; augments human performance. 

Stratforge INAWE

Enterprise grade AI - ML platform solution. 



Augmented AI for Workforce
Next Action Queuing AI Automation
Robotic Process Automation
ML - Context Aware Workflows
Realtime Support Navigation
Realtime Decision Guidance
Realtime AI Manager Intervention
Live KPI Monitoring, Triggers
CRM, ERP Push/Pull
AI QA SWAT - Alerts, Actions
Process, Product Specific ML


Org Specific ML
Predictive Modelling
Enterprise Assets integration
Digital Identities
Deep Analytics
Enterprise Blockchain
Connected Assets
Eco-System Wrappers
Customer, Process & Product 360
Process Automation [BPA, AI/RPA]


Networks connectivity
ATM, PoS, PG, Regional
Realtime Payments
Recon and settlement
FRM, Simulators and HSM
Simulators & Sandbox for Acquiring 
Cross Border, ACH
PCI DSS Compliance
Fraud & Risk Management
Data Portability, Governance
Multi Factor Authentication, SSO


Ask for trial, limited pilot; ask about product capabilities, pricing, implementation, and everything else. Our experts are ready to support. 



Increase customer loyalty, retention, & satisfaction.

With all the touchpoints across the customer journey wrapped enterprise org specific AI; Stratforge helps drive the highest levels of customer experience. 


Predict customer needs based on past behaviour.

Deep Learning ensures that AI models absorb, process historic & on-going change in underlying data. Stratforge platform help predict & offer next action routines.


Add life to dormant eco-systems; add payments.

The solution that adds life to transactions; empower digital payments, create innovative revenue channels; enable real-time payments from an omni-channel perspective. 


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