Stratforge INAWE

Enterprise grade AI - ML platform solution. 

Why Choose Stratforge INAWE?

New Breed enterprise AI ML Platform. 


CX, FX & PX Core 

At the heart of the platform; its business ready for future business factoring [A] Customer experience, [B] financial transformation and [C] digital networked payments. 


Function/Org Specific ML

On you decision to move to Stratforge INAWE; the platform absorbs and processes historic data, with a robust ML framework - all future transactions stand vetted. 


Entity Formation

Empowered organizations is the goal. INAWE converts the archived data, eco-system data into a AI powerhouse helping decision support, triggers and a host of enablers.  


Modular Framework

Accelerate to the goals rather swiftly. One of the fastest time to market, enterprise grade AI ML deployments possible for every CX, FX and PX use case. Define solution and deploy now.

Stratforge INAWE Platform Solutions

Powering Smart Enterprises

Explore how Stratforge platform empowers you to build truly great experiences around the customer.

Stratforge Navegar

Autonomous AI - takes up repetitive and intelligent cutomer engagement processing driving tremendous cost & performance benefits for business

Stratforge TeraView

Fast enterprise eco-system integration toolkits, AI driven insights, Intelligent 'Context Aware' dashboards, action triggers from rules & ML inferences 

Stratforge Enti2

"Org/ Product Specific" ML stack, with rapid modelling capability, Auto ML; single source of data truth. Powers all AI and Automation routines across all workflows.

Stratforge INAWE Platform Services


SFS SpeakText

Stratforge SpeakText is a speech recognition service that makes it easy for developers to add speech-to-text capability to their applications. Using the Stratforge SpeakText API, you can analyze audio files from your repository and have the service return a text file of the transcribed speech. Speech to text is offered in real time and for recorded audio files. 

SFS Cohere

Stratforge Cohere performs analysis of text content at scale; covering intent classification, entity extraction. Stratforge Cohere comes with a configurator engine that returns explanation, converts as 'Next actions' and passes on to other API receptors in the eco system; from CRM actions to communication. . 

SFS Comprehend

Conversational analysis through natural language processing. These set of APIs can analyze speech; provide options to filter, help you understand sentiment, emotions, mood, tone and more. A machine learning-based service comes packaged to build contexts. Quickly create enterprise-ready, custom models and constantly improve.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Audio Processing engine for higher Accuracy 

Hot Words extraction for Next actions

Pattern based speaker segregation 

Realtime analysis through API 

Batch upload & scheduled uploads

Noise cancellation, speaker amplification constructs

NLU configurator powering process automation

Enable IT and business to create apps together using "Clicks, not code", using the Stratforge sandbox. 

Make your CRM, BPM even more powerful by enhancing core workflows with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our modular approach enables your business

We treat the accelerator services on our platform as building blocks, which our partners can mix and match to create advanced customer experience solutions tailored to the focussed business model. These building blocks can be sliced, reconfigured, restacked depending on the businesses need - all accessible via APIs.

Speed & Flexibility. New.

Our platform approach is based on our startup mindset; you get to do more, with less. This will reduce your time to market. Our experts will have you up and running in almost no time with no disruption of your eco-system. Our properietary wrapper routines encompassing key technology frameworks, they wrap around existing investments offerring 'near to zero' disruptions.

Complexities, Simplified. Now.

Our Stratforge INAWE platform has a very advanced algorithm stack, process models and inference engines built and in use. Prototype, design, connect, build, and manage dozens of different combinations of digital solutions across all your use cases. Our modular 'lego brick' approach helps you build complex 'lego' solutions. 


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