QIS Policy

Effective Date: Jan 02, 2023

Stratforge India Private Limited, a Technology Solutions provider is committed to implement a QIS (Quality and Information Security) Integrated Management Systems to ensure that Stratforge’s business processes are streamlined and information systems are appropriately protected from loss of confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, accountability, non-repudiation and reliability.

Stratforge is a deeptech enterprise solution provider on AI-ML, CPA, SAAS and PAAS focussed on Human AI Augmentation, AI Automation, enhancing customer experience and optimizing costs. This would be achieved by:

• Protection of sensitive customer information against unauthorized access and maintaining confidentiality
• Maintaining the integrity of the information
• Maintaining needs and expectations of all interested parties
• Staying updated with technology advancement and be relevant in the fast changing business environment
• Information availability to authorized business processes and employees when required
• Development of business continuity plans ensuring minimum agreed continuity of business-critical processes for business activities that are regularly maintained and tested
• Reporting and investigating all breaches of information security, actual or suspected
• Complying all legal, regulatory, contractual and other applicable requirements

The policy is dynamic and includes a commitment to continual improvement of the management systems through a process of incident reporting, risk assessment and regular audits. It provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality and information security objectives.

This policy statement will be communicated to the public and relevant interested parties through our website and on request.