Fast, Zero Dev, Enterprise Full pipe, Data Analytics Platform

Enterprise Data in Motion

What makes this platform truly ground breaking is its unparalleled ease of use. Unlike traditional solutions, it empowers business users to build an entire end-to-end data pipeline and analytics workflow.

Through an intuitive visual interface, users can seamlessly connect various data sources, build custom data transformations, and develop advanced analytics - all without writing a single line of code. Complex processes that previously needed extensive development resources can now be configured by business analysts with just a few clicks. Users have full control over how data flows through optimized pipelines and can even create custom logic and algorithms without any technical expertise.

With the Full Pipeline Platform, businesses gain unprecedented agility, its unparalleled speed and efficiency. New data sources, transformations, models and reports can be added on the fly as business needs evolve. Instead, the fastest data cloud/lake to analytics workflow is achieved through a simple drag-and-drop interface. 

Data to Direction

D4 Discover

Stratforge Discover makes it easy to get all of our Any/NoSQL data into Structures. The Weave API handles bulk and incremental updates of data with ease.

We’ll work with you to establish requirements, ensuring the deliverable is to your exact specifications. Our solutions experts will provide the best fitment for your requirements in record time. 

→ Connector Library
→ Virtual Warehouse
→ Automatic Elastic Resizing
→ Scale out/in compute
→ Auto suspension and auto resume
→ Decoupled storage and compute
→ Scale to X, Scale to Zero
→ Columnar Architecture
→ Self-Service Analytics
→ Powerful Query Builder
→ Advanced Data Visualization
→ WYSIWYG Reports Design
→ Customized Rules & Workflows
→ Distributed Computing
→ Alert Notification - text, email, slack
→ Report & Analytics Automation
→ Automated Report Generation
→ Advanced Data Modelling and ML
→ Industry and BU templating engine
→ "In State" Transfer, Powerful Export Capabilities
→ Predictive Analytics and Forecasting
→ Text Analytics
→ Prescriptive Analytics and Decision Support
→ Collaborative Analytics and Sharing
→ Data Storytelling and Presentation Mode 

Empowers business users to build an entire end-to-end data pipeline and analytics workflow with absolutely zero developer involvement or coding effort required. Insights are no longer bottlenecked by long development cycles and resource constraints. 

D4 Discover Target Benefits. 


Discover Highlights

Enterprise Analytics. 

Modern BI & analytics

Create dynamic dashboards for more in-depth analysis. Give teams access to reliable data and support better reporting.

Integrated insights

The Discover platform works seamlessly with your existing BI set up. Unify and empower your teams to make more effective, data-informed decisions.

Data-driven workflows

Save time and money by putting your data to work on your business. Discover's platform is agile to accommodate any workflow.

Cost Advantage

You pay only for the resources your jobs use while running. Aggressive tech at passive pricing. Pricing is more fine-grained than VMs and Containers on the cloud. 

Clear Log

Discover provides a crystal clear transformation log, audit trail, events logs that helps users/developers to document, refer, review all actions, process cycles.