SSTOC: Solutions Engineering

Impact Areas

Customer Experience

The sum of all interactions a customer has with the enterprise, from the initial point of contact to the sales and the post-purchase support. It encompasses every touchpoint in the customer journey, from product discovery and selection to customer service and support, and beyond.
It is an all-encompassing journey that is captured as the entire customer experience. 


Stratforge combines industry and data science expertise to create powerful AI and ML solutions. Through our in-depth understanding of the data and analytics landscape, we can help clients identify the right approach and technologies to meet their business objectives. We develop, integrate, and deploy AI and ML solutions that drive meaningful outcomes for our clients.

Augmented AI

Augmented AI is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that combines both human and machine intelligence to create an intelligent system that can perform complex tasks. Augmented AI is used to automate and improve decision-making processes. It provides humans with the ability to process large amounts of tasks quickly and accurately, enabling them to increase both volumes and quality.


CPA is the advanced form of automation that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the efficiency and accuracy of business processes. It is a combination of cognitive computing, machine learning and natural language processing. The ability to recognize patterns and make decisions based on the data, enabling businesses to reduce costs, increase accuracy and boost productivity.

Enterprise Reporting & Analytics

Enterprise reporting and analytics provides insight to make informed decisions, it can help to identify areas of improvement, automate decision-making processes, increase efficiency, and maximize the ROI on marketing and other investments, helps to build new strategies to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and generate new revenue opportunities. Insights help in understanding customer behavior, trends, and future opportunities. Make predictions about future events and outcomes, provide prescriptive analytics and actions, provide insight into the root causes of past and current issues. 

Application Transformation

Application Transformation involves designing, migrating, re-engineering, and deploying applications to the Cloud. Stratforge teams perform varied actions that include the assessment and recommendation of optimized infrastructure, application migration services, monitoring, performance testing and optimization, and the integration of new software and services. The transformation process usually involves the use of modernized development tools and technologies, such as container-based design, microservices, and DevOps automation. 

Enterprise DevOps

Stratforge’s DevOps consulting service focuses on helping clients build, deploy, and manage applications using a mix of technologies and platforms, including automation and orchestration tools, container runtime technologies, and infrastructure as code. Along with consulting, they offer a suite of services geared toward streamlining the development process, including its own suite of DevOps accelerators, which are designed to help customers get more out of their existing tools and technologies.

Data Engineering & Science

Data science consulting services that enable organizations to leverage big data to drive growth, reduce costs and optimize processes. The solution involves using algorithmic methods, predictive analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing. Data can then be used to make accurate predictions, create meaningful visualizations, or discover new and valuable insights. Through the use of data science, businesses can gain access to valuable information about their customers, products, operations, and more. Stratforge is a strong provider of analytics and data science consulting.