Building Enterprises from the Voice of Customer, deploy AI for Workforce Augmentation

Cognition is Enterprise Ignition

Stratforge Redflare AI is a groundbreaking technology derivative in the world of voice and speech analysis landscape; forged from the platform fundamentals built at Stratforge. The solution has the potential to revolutionize the way we understand and interpret conversations. This platform can analyze vast volumes of conversations in real-time, providing organizations with unprecedented visibility and understanding.

Through advanced speech recognition algorithms, sentiment analysis, and voice biometrics, the Speech Analytics Platform can uncover underlying patterns, identify customer emotions, and detect key topics and trends. Platform can automate the analysis process, providing actionable insights in an efficient and timely manner. With the Speech Analytics Platform, businesses can enhance customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, drive revenue growth, and uncover untapped potential.


Why does your CRM investment need to evolve with CX, CPA?

↳ The Challenges facing the Market today

Life-less transaction Text CRM Eco System.
CRMs are storehouses of dead conversations.
Post engagement repository. Prone to human error. 

CRM native automations/BPA covers basic process workflows.
Automation at best is at the surface level. Interops between silo investments is difficult, no Cognitive automations. 

2nd person Narrative & Perceptions based VOC.
Voice of customer is captured from the engineer
perspective only [case documentation]; no capturing of Customer complaints or escalation till it happens. 

For driving CX, CRM systems and Telco systems need a platform. All current business support workflows spread across
technology and process have tremendous potential
to accelerate. 

Wrong Case documentation ‘Data Set’ analysed for a true Customer Service Experience. Data is self composed [agent written] till customer opts out. Transactions audit miss major call volumes. 


Human AI Integration 

Compliance & Auditing

Every conversation, every transaction at all touch points captured, audited. AI scanners that dwell deep into the transaction data and provide intelligence on opportunities, threats; perform risk assessment, monitor and enforce compliance. 

Conversation Analytics

Voice Analytics at its best; at every conversation have this silent listener that understands the sentiment, interprets customer expectation and provide decision data for evolving operations and forging strategies.

Agent Training Module 

Flow through all CRM text, Customer transactional text from Email, Chat, and generate Agent skill map, actionable intelligence to drive training; framing training sessions covering process protocols, customer service skills, problem-solving techniques, to be referenced and used for upskilling.

AI Agent Assist 

Final frontier crossover into setting up Augmented AI for TAC, Customer Support routines. Autonomous AI that helps engineers and floor do more with less. Auto case documentation, real-time resolution guidance; focussed on providing the apex Customer Experience.


Cognition is Enterprise Ignition


ROI Data from
customer implementations.

3X increase in opening to true data sources; non perception data.

Free-up atleast 55% of Management time bandwidth on Monitoring.

95% accuracy levels achieved on cognitive routines. 

100% customer conversations & transactions scanning.

90%  personnel roles absorbed by AI helping re-deployment.

95% accurate customer threat/ opportunity index.

100% Legal & Compliance team auto- appraisal of threats.

50% decrease in customer attrition with cognitive routines. 


Redflare Platform Implementation